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Soulbound cannot be transferred from a wallet

Cannot be transferred
from a human

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The Humanbound Token

Humanbound is a new Web3 identity primitive, allowing smart contract based applications to securely interact with human identities while protecting user privacy through off-chain data storage. It's a non-transferrable token attached to you, not (just) your wallet.


Connect on- and off-chain

On-chain composability and easy integration, using ERC721


Secure key rotation

Tokens are controlled through MFA, not just keys


Data privacy and ownership

Secure off-chain data encryption and storage

Shield Checked

Sybil Protection

Humanbound tokens are proofs of personhood bound to a real and unique human

Controlled by
3 factors tied to a unique
verified identity



Private key ownership

User square


Robust identity verification through KYC



SMS OTP tied to verified identity

Technology development stages

Stage 1

Verified identity & on-chain representation through the Humanbound token

Proof of unique humanity for Web3, enabling sybil resistance, secure DAO contributor payments, and much more.

Stage 2

Provable 3rd party guarantees

On-chain compliance for DeFi and bridging off- chain credit scores to enable undercollateralized lending.

Stage 3

Bridging all web2 use-cases to web3.

Sign legally binding contracts with your on-chain identity, easily transfer Real World Asset - let us know what you would like to build!

Minting Process

The minting process ensures that each token is bound to a real and unique human, providing sybil resistance and secure on-chain representation of verified identities.

Stage 1

Connect Wallet

Stage 2

Verify Phone

Stage 3

Verify ID

Stage 4

Mint Token

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